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SCUM – fejlesztési frissítés #18

SCUM – fejlesztési frissítés #18
  • Bugfixing.
  • Working on the infections system.
  • Working on garden placement system.
  • Working on the PhsyX system.
  • Working on the custom zone settings.
  • Working on the infections UI.
  • Creating the ATM system.
  • Created the remote door control system.
  • Working on liquid containers rework.
  • Working on stats rework.
  • Optimizing the Samobor city.
  • Retexturing Samobor city buildings.
  • Working on the Nuclear powerplant POI.
  • Bugfixing.
  • UV mapping the powerplant POI.
  • Working on modular pipes system.
  • Creating decals and materials for pipes.
  • Working on furniture.
  • UV mapping the stadium.
  • Creating animations for the new bolt action rifle.
  • Working on new clothing items.
  • Rigging the new handgun.
  • Creating the improvised GL animations.
  • Started working on modular quad vehicle.
  • Finished the VHS animations.
  • Created the UI concept for the ATM.
  • Recording Danny Trejo voice lines.
  • Setting up the Doctor NPC voicellines.
  • Catching and banning cheaters.
  • Reporting feedback from the community.
  • Reporting bugs.
  • Profiling stress test results.
  • Created infections tooltips.
  • Setting the medical items prices.
  • Setting up new spawners.

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